Amazing Advent Calendar

On 1st December, I got a LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

There are lots of really good things inside!

These are all of them!

1) Harry Potter

2) Mini Hogwarts Express

3) Mini Christmas Trees

4) A Christmas Tree

5) Gryffindor Banner

6) Professor Minerva McGonagall

7) House Table with Goblets

8) Food

9) Slytherin Banner

10) Ron Weasley

11) House Table with Candle

12) Breakfast and Goblets

13) Ravenclaw Banner

14) Hermione Granger

15) Snowman

16) Wizard Chess

17) Hufflepuff Banner

18) Professor Filius Flitwick

19) Festive Fireplace

20) House Plinth

21) Hogwarts Architect

22) Presents

23) Albus Dumbledore

24) Trunk, Hedwig and Equipment

Out of everything that was in the advent calendar, I think that the Harry minifigure in Day 1, might be the best. This is because it’s quite an interesting and different from what you normally get in LEGO sets. Every year, special minifigures are released exclusively for LEGO advent calendars. These minifigures always look good and are not found in many other sets.

5 comments on “Amazing Advent Calendar” so far

    1. Dillon Post author

      I’m not sure that Bellatrix would have been very festive! A christmas Dobby with a bauble hat would be cool though!

  1. Grandad

    What a great calendar.Didn’t even know they were available.All the models look good laid out in front of the calendar.A Christmas Dobby would have been cool like you say.
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow Dillon.Hope to see you soon.xxxxx

  2. Grandma

    Hi Dillon,

    Sorry, this comment isn’t about your calendar which I should have commented on a while ago.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the beautiful card you made me, it is lovely and so neat. I used to do cross stitch and know how difficult it can be so well done.

    How are you and Georgia? I am missing you both so much as I haven’t seen you in a long time but hopefully I will get to see you soon.

    Give my love to your mum and lots of love to you and Georgia.

    Love and hugs,

    Grandma xxxxxxxx


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