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Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

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Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird is a great book about an ordinary Syrian family forced to flee to Jordan, because of the war going on.

Omar, Musa, Fuad, Nadia and their parents are a family. Baba gets a new job in the Ministry of Agriculture and moves the family from Bosra to Daraa. They move exactly when the trouble starts. Most of the time there are soldiers from the government trying to arrest and torture people they think have anything to do with the protestors. Omar is shocked to find out that his brother, Musa, is in the middle of it all. 

I like the book because it’s a serious book and shows exactly what’s happening in Syria and what it’s like. When I read the book, I felt like I was transported to Syria in the middle of the war and part of Omar’s family. 

My favourite character is Musa, because he has cerebral palsy and can’t walk properly. Despite this he tries his very best to help the protestors and fight with the for the regime to change. 

In conclusion, I like this book and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to readers aged 10+, because it’s amazing and shows you exactly how lucky we are in England. 

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The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

The 1,000 Year Old boy by Ross Welford is an amazing book about teamwork and kindness. Alve (or Alfie as he likes to be called), is 11 years old when he first administers the life-pearl, which makes you live forever. Then when a fire breaks out in the forest when he’s 1,011 years old, his mam is killed and luckily Aidan and Roxy find him hiding in Roxy’s ‘Garage’. Together they discover Alfie’s secret and help him to grow up again with the help of others along the way. 

I really like this book because it’s funny and unbelievable. Alfie’s journey to Coquet Island where the life-pearl is hidden in the cliffs is quite amusing. This is because Aidan’s Uncle Jasper is locked in the cabin and can’t get out to see it’s his nephew who’s holding him prisoner in his own boat. 

My favourite character is Alfie because he’s mischievous, funny and quite commanding for a boy. He also speaks like he knows a lot; which he does as he was alive since people spoke Old Norse. When his mam dies, he moves to a children’s home. However, after a trip to the dentist’s, Sangeeta-his social worker-begins to think that he is older than he’s telling everyone and submits him for a DNA age test. 

In conclusion, I really like this book and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to readers who like comedy and history combined. 

This book review is part of the 7 for 7 book challenge. To see the main 7 for 7 blog post click here.

The Island at the End of Everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave


The Island at the End of Everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a brilliant book about a girl called Amihan (Ami) and her nanay (mum). Ami’s nanay, Tala, has Mycobacterium Leprae (leprosy) and is Touched (a leper). Culion is an island in the Philippines and is a leper colony. When new laws from the Director of Health take place, nothing will be the same again.

I like the book because it is inspirational and gives the message that when you set your mind to something, you can do anything.

The book is set mainly on two islands, Culion and Coron. They are beautiful places, but the characters in this book are forced to go there.

My favourite character is Mariposa (Mariposa is butterfly in Spanish), everyone calls her Mari, because her right hand isn’t properly formed and she doesn’t care what people think of her. Mari is also brave, kind and adventurous. She was left on the doorstep of CORON ORPHANAGE as a child, because people thought she had leprosy.

In conclusion, I like this book a lot as it is really funny with lots of twists to the plot. I would recommend this book to young readers who like adventure. Kiran really twists a true story of an illness that was misunderstood into a beautiful story about the adventures of Ami, Kidlat and Mari trying their best to help Ami’s nanay.



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Where is the ISS?

This is a program I made using Python on Trinket. It shows you where the ISS is at that current second and when it will next pass over The Shard in London.

I made this program using a Code Club tutorial which can be found here and some help from Open-Notify and a Latitude and Longitude finder. This program works by finding live data of longitude and latitude from Open-Notify which is where the ISS is. Then Python uses Turtle (a drawing program) to show where the ISS is in the world on a map. Then I found the latitude and longitude of The Shard and used Open-Notify again to find out when the ISS would pass over those longitudes and latitudes. Then Python’s turtle puts a dot over The Shard and writes the pass over date and time on the screen.

Click the play arrow to start the program, next to the pencil.

I hope you like this program and find it interesting.

Shrek – End of Year Performance

On Tuesday 10th July, it was my end of year 6 performance of Shrek. It was a huge stunt but we managed to pull it off. I was on stage for most of the play as a singer and in the wedding congregation.

Singers including me

We were lucky enough to perform in a nearby secondary school who let us use their auditorium. The day before the show the play didn’t look or sound amazing. It was almost canceled, however we managed to up it enough so that some people in the audience were crying tears of joy. Then even more parents were crying in the evening performance.


This is the original Shrek trailer.


To watch it in YouTube click here.

me with Shrek ears