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Amazing Advent Calendar

On 1st December, I got a LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

There are lots of really good things inside!

These are all of them!

1) Harry Potter

2) Mini Hogwarts Express

3) Mini Christmas Trees

4) A Christmas Tree

5) Gryffindor Banner

6) Professor Minerva McGonagall

7) House Table with Goblets

8) Food

9) Slytherin Banner

10) Ron Weasley

11) House Table with Candle

12) Breakfast and Goblets

13) Ravenclaw Banner

14) Hermione Granger

15) Snowman

16) Wizard Chess

17) Hufflepuff Banner

18) Professor Filius Flitwick

19) Festive Fireplace

20) House Plinth

21) Hogwarts Architect

22) Presents

23) Albus Dumbledore

24) Trunk, Hedwig and Equipment

Out of everything that was in the advent calendar, I think that the Harry minifigure in Day 1, might be the best. This is because it’s quite an interesting and different from what you normally get in LEGO sets. Every year, special minifigures are released exclusively for LEGO advent calendars. These minifigures always look good and are not found in many other sets.

Magnificent Minecraft

Not long ago, I started playing Minecraft again and got really into it. Every chance I get, I’m designing new things on paper, which I want to build on Minecraft like mazes and places where you kill different animals and monsters (mobs) to get experience points which you can use to upgrade armour, tools and weapons. You can also make machines using redstone dust (electricity based substance) and repeaters and comparators which can act like circuits in a computer chip.

Image result for minecraft

Image result for block by block minecraft

Minecraft also boosts imagination and lots of other useful skills. This makes Minecraft a fun tool to help you learn important skills.

These pictures are things that I’ve built on Minecraft and are useful mechanisms to help life on Minecraft easier. The 1st picture above is for a stone generator and the second a machine to block lava.

Dinosaur News

At the weekend, I got this dinosaur set called Dinosaur DNA.

Dinosaur DNA

Dinosaur DNA

img_0715I had to excavate a plaster block, which contained dinosaur bones and DNA stickers.

me excavating

me excavating

Once excavated, I had to put the bones together to create a T-Rex.

ecxavated bones

ecxavated bones

The skeleton glows in the dark.

dinosaur skeleton about to eat up archaeologist lego man

dinosaur skeleton about to eat up archaeologist lego man

Then I had two A R play mats and I had to stick the DNA stickers over the question marks. After that, I had to download the app called Dino Codes and scan the play mats, one features the set’s dinosaur and the other is a mysterious scene, mine were a volcano and a T-Rex.



volcanic planet

volcanic planet

breaking news

breaking news

dragon and volcano

dragon and volcano



It was amazing and I would love to get the other two sets.

My Brilliant Half Term


Rivington Pike

On Monday we went to Rivington Pike up to the top and I only had one rest on the whole journey which was at the top of the Pike, so I was exhausted by the time I got to the top! The view was the best I’d ever seen it I could see so far out!

This is the view from the pike.

This is the view from the pike.

We were going back down the Pike, but ¬†we went a different way I’d never been before. At last we were at the bottom of the Pike and then we went and had a drink in the Great Hall Barn and I had a¬†hot chocolate. Mmmm! ūüôā


Grandad Comes

On Tuesday Grandad came to babysit and bought us each a Galaxy Chocolate Flurry that was delicious. After tea we played a game of Bugs In The Kitchen and two games of Monopoly Deal.


On Wednesday we watched ” Honey, I Shrunk The Kid”, which was really good I’m really looking forward to watching the next one “Honey, I Blew Up The Kids¬†“.


 Spending WHSmith £20 Gift Card

On Friday we went to WHSmith in Manchester to spend our £20 Gift Cards from Uncle Bob Auntie Lauren and Brandon. First we went to Debenhams for Georgia to spend her £25 voucher and I looked at a lot of things that I really liked there were so many of them!

Then we went to WHSmith and I bought three¬†books for the price of two which were The Person Controller, Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of), Tom Gates Genius Ideas (mostly) and a Brainbox The World.


Afterwards we went to BrewDog and I started reading Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of) and had a apple fritz which was delicious.

Yard And Coop

After that we went out for tea at Yard and Coop and we had buttermilk fried chicken, sweet potato chips and normal chips and sauce for mains, I had a Mama Mia sauce which is just an Italian pasta sauce which was really nice.

My buttermilk fried chicken, sauce and sweet potato chips

My buttermilk fried chicken, sauce and sweet potato chips

Our sides were Not chicken which is Halloumi in breadcrumbs, slaw and amazeballs which are corn balls.

The amazeballs and slaw

The amazeballs and slaw

For dessert we had two brownies which were amazing.

The brownie

The brownie

I really enjoyed the whole of my half term and would love to do everything again! The buttermilk fried chicken was delicious and so were all the sides, Friday was probably the best day of the whole week and Yard and Coop was probably the best thing!!!

My Weekend!

First of all I went to the beach in  lytham st. Annes near Blackpool.

We went on the beach and played frisbee and I buried the frisbee two times, covered it up in the sand and dug down to find it.

Afterwards we had fish and chips for tea.

Then we went to my Grandma’s house for a sleepover. In the morning we had weetabix (fruit and nut) minis for breakfast and played my new MINION¬†Top Trumps. Then for dinner we had one bacon sandwich and one sausage sandwich, but at 2:50 we had to go to my other Grandad’s house.

My parents were going to be back for half seven, but there had been a aciddent on the train¬†track, so the trains stopped working and then we had to have a sleepover at my Grandad’s house. ¬†The next day me and my sister played mario karts on the wii until we had to go home.

When we got home I had a pressent from Brandon, Uncle Bob and Auntie Laruen. It was a  bright, yellow remote control porsche car.



My 8th Birthday

First I opened my cards and had blueberry pancakes with sprinkles and maple syrup which was delicious. It also had a candle on in the shape of an eight.


After that I opened my pressents from my parents I got:

  • Minecraft and a beginers handbook
  • Make your own MINION¬†cupcakes with yellow icing and edible MINION decorations
  • MINION colour alive
  • MINION Top Trumps
  • London BrainBox
  • MINION 54 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle
  • pirate keyring
  • pirate LEG0
  • clothes
  • Batman bag
  • books
  • badge
  • shoes
  • ¬†pirate watch


IMG_7335 IMG_7352

Then I had pasties for dinner and some lemon cake with lemon curd in the middle and foam bananas and yellow smiley face toffees on top.


Then one of my Grandads came and give me ten pounds and some shoes.

Afterwards we went to a cineama in the great nothern in Manchester to watch  MINIONS.

Then we went out for tea at an Italian restraunt and had pizza.


Then my other Grandad came and give me a new scooter and ramp to drive up on my scooter.