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My Apple Course

The week before my birthday I went to Apple Camp for a 3 day course on how to use a Sphero. A Sphero (pronounced sfeero) is a robot that can come as Star Wars droids, spiderman, and as a SPRK or SPRK+. I was using the SPRK+ at Apple; it’s the best and has more functions than some of the others. You control the robot using the Sphero Edu app, which allows you to draw a path that represents Javascript, you can use blocks that represent Javascript or you can write in JavaScript. I was using the blocks to make the robot move change LED colors and make sounds.

Day 1

On day 1,  I made code to create a square.

square code

This is the video of what I learnt at apple camp with a Sphero that I got for my birthday.

Then I shortened the code using loops.

square in a loop

Then again using functions.

Square shortened into a function

At the end of the session I created a program that could run a square, triangle, octagon and hexagon in a row.

square, triangle, octagon, hexagon

                                        Day 2

On day 2, I created a game where you had to throw Sphero faster than 3 g’s (g – force) else you’re out of the game.


this is my throwing program

                                        Day 3

On the last day, I made a story of how Sphero goes outside for a spot of gardening and he hears a football match beginning. He doesn’t know what it is, so he is scared and goes inside; later his friend tells  him what it was and he isn’t scared anymore.


Then I got a certificate for creating an amazing project at Apple Camp.

my certificate

Also, On the first day I got an Apple T-shirt.


Shrek – End of Year Performance

On Tuesday 10th July, it was my end of year 6 performance of Shrek. It was a huge stunt but we managed to pull it off. I was on stage for most of the play as a singer and in the wedding congregation.

Singers including me

We were lucky enough to perform in a nearby secondary school who let us use their auditorium. The day before the show the play didn’t look or sound amazing. It was almost canceled, however we managed to up it enough so that some people in the audience were crying tears of joy. Then even more parents were crying in the evening performance.


This is the original Shrek trailer.


To watch it in YouTube click here.

me with Shrek ears

Fantastic Foxton Locks

A few months ago,  we went to Foxton Locks for a picnic. It was beautiful weather and was quite busy. I opened a few locks for different barges; it was really tricky.

view of Foxton Locks


There is a museum there as well that has a coal game in where you have to put the coal in an engine to move the boat forward. If you don’t put enough in, you have to start again. It also has things that explain how locks work and a barge that you can go in to listen to a story. I really like the Foxton Locks museum.

inside a barge at the museum.

I really enjoyed my time at Foxton Locks and want to be a lock keeper one day.

Foxton Inn


My Homemade Lego Batman Trailer. It’s AWESOME!!

These are 2 different Lego Batman movie trailers; I made one the other is the real one. Which is better?

This is my Lego Batman Movie Trailer:

I made mine by taking lots of photos and turning them into a video. Then I used iMovie to add sound.

This is the real Lego Batman movie trailer: