Fantastic Foxton Locks

A few months ago,  we went to Foxton Locks for a picnic. It was beautiful weather and was quite busy. I opened a few locks for different barges; it was really tricky.

view of Foxton Locks


There is a museum there as well that has a coal game in where you have to put the coal in an engine to move the boat forward. If you don’t put enough in, you have to start again. It also has things that explain how locks work and a barge that you can go in to listen to a story. I really like the Foxton Locks museum.

inside a barge at the museum.

I really enjoyed my time at Foxton Locks and want to be a lock keeper one day.

Foxton Inn


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  1. Grandma

    That looks like a fab day Dillon, I think the people on the boats would have been glad that you were there to help them. The photos are lovely, it looks like a nice place.

    Glad you enjoyed your day. X

    Love Grandma xxxx

  2. Grandad

    That looks like an interesting day out.I’ve seen Foxton Locks on a few television programmes about canal trips. It’s a brilliant piece of engineering and really cleverly designed.
    Glad you enjoyed the


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