Shrek – End of Year Performance

On Tuesday 10th July, it was my end of year 6 performance of Shrek. It was a huge stunt but we managed to pull it off. I was on stage for most of the play as a singer and in the wedding congregation.

Singers including me

We were lucky enough to perform in a nearby secondary school who let us use their auditorium. The day before the show the play didn’t look or sound amazing. It was almost canceled, however we managed to up it enough so that some people in the audience were crying tears of joy. Then even more parents were crying in the evening performance.


This is the original Shrek trailer.


To watch it in YouTube click here.

me with Shrek ears

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  1. Grandad

    Love the ears Dillon.
    I’m pleased you all managed to pull off a good performance on the day and everyone from the students to the audience enjoyed and had a great time.xxxx


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