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Blue Peter – Diamond Badge

A few months ago, I downloaded a form to get a blue peter badge, the Diamond Badge. This badge was made for the Blue Peter 60th birthday and is a rare limited edition badge. I managed to get one and it looks really special.

me wearing the diamond badge

diamond badge

To get the badge I had to say I had:


Done something different in 2018 (I did kayaking)

Inspire others ( I inspired Georgia to write more stories)

Amazing experience ( I had an amazing experience at Condover)

Memory Mission ( Daddy remembered making Tracey Island from Thunder Birds)

Others I’ve helped ( I have helped lots of people at school with their Maths)

New Blue Peter fans ( Mummy is someone I shared my Blue Peter love with)

Design your own diamond badge (I can’t remember what this looked like but I did it)


This badge is the most special badge I have ever received and I will enjoy wearing it.


My Terrific Tenth Birthday

After I’d opened my presents , we went to Milton Keynes and I went on a Helter-Skelter, which was quite high.

Me opening my presents

Helter Skelter

It was really fun. Then we went to YO Sushi for dinner, I really enjoyed grabbing food from the conveyor belts.

YO Sushi

After that, we went to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden. I had a quiz to do and there were chocolate doors into the Solo gallery, where you can find out about his childhood.

Wonka chocolate doors

In the story centre, I made my own movie with figurines. In the Upper Babbling room, which is a craft room, I made a snail in a jar. Afterwards we did the village and countryside trails, the countryside trail through the woods and through a field was amazing, there were grasshoppers everywhere. It was very relaxing!


The woods were the ones that inspired Fantastic Mr Fox, The Minpins and Danny the Champion of the World. Along the high street were some old-fashioned pumps that inspired Danny the champion of the World The library inspired Matilda and the crown house Sophie’s “norphanage”. We also went and looked at Roald Dahl’s grave.

When we had finished the trails we went to the Black Horse for tea, I had a delumptiosly, scrumdiddlyumptious pheasant and mushroom pie.😋

Back home, I was shown my scrumdiddlyumptious IRN BRU cake🎂, it was the best cake🍰 I’d ever had!!

Thanks for all your presents, I loved them all! Hope to see you all again soon.


In the Easter holidays I went to Leeds for a week, we stayed in a nice house. Then we went to BrewDog for tea and had Red’s barbecued food. I love Red’s.

brewdog / red’s menu

On the first day we went to Roundhay Park.


There is a Tropical World, where you can see animals from all over the world. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! They also have a fun maze.

Tropical world maze

a fascinating tree

Then we went and had tea in an Indian restaurant called Bundobust and I had a nice drink I’d never heard of before called Chai.


My favourite bit of food was the okra fries, they look a bit like green chillies and were really delicious.

bundobust food

Then we went shopping, I got some clothes and Lego.

On the second day I played Monopoly for most of the day then I went to Nando’s with my Grandad, Mummy, Daddy and Georgia. Afterwards, I went to the cinema to watch the hilarious film of Beauty and the Beast.


The next day I was super happy because we went bowling and I won with 92 points! (I did have the bumpers up.) 🙂 😉

Then we went to the arcade and I got lots of prizes, played a game of air hockey, played Mario Kart together and spent ages on the two pence machines and me and Daddy won a red shoe.

I really enjoyed my time in Leeds and would love to go again.

My Crackery Christmas Day 2016

When I woke up in the morning I felt a tinge of excitement! It was Christmas Day and I had a stocking full of presents, with an extra one next to it. I opened the big one first and it was a Star Wars bin, my other presents were: a Star Wars light-up light saber, pirate badges, rubbers, a game where you have to put facial hair on a man using a magnetic stylus and loads of other cool stuff.

For breakfast we had a special christmas porridge, it was delicious!

Then, I got my presents off mummy and daddy, my favourite things were: a potato clock, books, a 3 in 1 set of Lego, a card game called Boggle Slam, where you have to change a word one letter at a time until you run out of cards.

my new pyjamas


one of my books

After that, we had our traditional Christmas dinner (smoked salmon and watercress salad, which had orange in)

Afterwards, we went to grandma’s house for tea. My Auntie Lisa, Uncle Ryan and cousin Scarlett were already there. I got some more really good stuff like a Star Wars movie projector and star wars battle ships. I’m really bad at it.

Finally, we had Christmas tea, which was roast turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, parsnips and stuffing. I really liked it!😋

christmas tea-table

roast turkey

 For dessert we had christmas pudding and christmas cake. It was delectable.

christmas pudding

This christmas was absolutely brilliant!

Many thanks for everything you got me. I love everything.

Ecstatic Christmas Eve

Before dinner we went out to Manchester and took a tram to Didsbury Village (Middle Didsbury).

christmas lights

When we arrived I saw we were outside Solita, but then we went to it’s next door neighbour Hispi (a type of cabbage and a restaurant) I had apple juice and Ginger beer, whilst I looked at the menu. For starters I had a spiced pork and pistachio terrine, orange jelly and fruit bread, which was delicious.

pistachio and pork terrine, orange jelly and fruit bread

Then my main course was a celeriac with salad, which was the best I’d tasted.


Our shared sides were, chips, carrots and red cabbage.

After that, for desserts I had some Eccles cake with vanilla Ice cream, parkin and butterscotch with vanilla ice cream and christmas pudding.


Eccles Cake

 All of it was delicious and I would love to go back, everything was really nice.

Then we took the tram back to manchester and went to Brewdog. There was unlimited pinball. I had loads of goes but I’m really bad at it but it is really fun.

pinball at brewdog

When we got back home I got a book and some new pyjamas. Then we watched the Simpsons, The Snowman and The Snowman and The Snowdog, whilst having my Malteser Teaser reindeer and a cadbury chocolate snowball. I can’t wait for Christmas morning.

Amazing Advent Calendars

On December 1st I got an enormous surprise because guess what, I had two advent calendars waiting for me, one was a Maltesers one and the other a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.

The LEGO Star Wars one had cool gifts in for example a white Wookiee, my favourite, Luke Skywalker, ships and loads more really cool stuff. I really enjoyed opening them, it was even better than my lego one last year.

My lego star wars advent calendar


My 9th Birthday

First I had chocolate porridge, which had chocolate buttons in it.

my chocolate porridge

my chocolate porridge

Then I opened my cards and presents, some of my favourite presents were:

  • Latice, a board game
  • Diary with pencil, keys and a padlock
  • A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me unwrapping my bike

    Me on my bike

Cake time, the cake was delicious it was a sticky sherbet lemon cake.

Me blowing out my candles

My birthday cake

Then we went out and watched the new BFG at a cinema, which was even better than the first one! When we were at the cinema one of the staff told me I could choose some sweets from the pick’n’mix section because it was my birthday.

Me choosing pick’n’mix

I also got some BFG ears from the film.

Me with BFG ears

When the film had finished we went to Solita(4) in Preston and we had for starters: cheeseburger spring rolls, deep fried pickles, mac’n’cheese balls and deep fried avocados.



Solita neon wall

Solita neon wall

Solita cow

Solita cow

For a main course I had a soft shell crab burger and sweet potato chips.

My soft shell crab burger

My soft shell crab burger

When we got home Grandma came and I got some more presents my favourite one was magic tricks.

My Magnificent Easter 2016

On Thursday I decorated some eggs by colouring them in to make them Easter Eggs.

The Easter Eggs I made

The Easter Eggs I made


Good Friday

Parkers Arms

On Good Friday we went out to the Parkers Arms for dinner it was delicious! 🙂 ☺

When we got there we got some special treats, which were:

  • Smoked cod roe with sourdough
  • Potato skins
  • Fish croquettes
  • Lancashire cheese croquettes

After that we ordered drinks and I had apple juice, for my starter I had fish goujons with wild garlic sauce and salad.

Afterwards we had our main course, I had a fish potpie, which included cod, haddock, shrimp, scallop and wild garlic (which we went out looking for after dinner),  with seaweed, peas and mash.

My Pot Pie

My Pot Pie

Then we had dessert which was chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers.

Chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers

Chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers

Afterwards we were given a chocolate easter egg each and some salted caramel chocolate and orange filled chocolate.

When we finished we went for a walk near the river and collected lots of wild garlic and I tried to climb up some trees. It was very difficult!

Me climbing a tree

Me climbing a tree

Easter Sunday

For breakfast on Sunday we had Hot Cross Buns.

After dinner we had  Cadbury’s Egg’n’spoon and Smarties Mini Eggs.

Cadbury's egg'n'spoon

Cadbury’s egg’n’spoon

After dinner we gave each other our gifts and I got :

  • A milk chocolate Star Wars Easter Egg and a Star Wars Gift Tin
  • A milk chocolate Star Wars Easter Egg and a Star Wars Bubbly Bar
  • A Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter Egg and a Creme Egg
  • A Cadbury’s milk chocolate Decorate your own Easter Egg
  • 3 Books, Awful Auntie, Tom Gates Is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things) and The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book
  • Bubble Wand
  •  A Minecraft Jumper
  • A LEG0 T-Shirt

     This a picture of all my Books& Eggs

    This a picture of all my Books& Eggs

These are my new clothes

These are my new clothes

Then we watched 2 episodes of Easter Simpsons and Ice Age The Great Egg Scapade.

For tea we had roast lamb with roast potatoes, carrots, asparagus, green beans and mint sauce. After tea we had a slice of homemade strawberry and Mini Egg cheesecake. Mmmm! 🙂

This is our homemade strawberry and mini egg cheesecake

This is our homemade strawberry and mini egg cheesecake

Easter Monday

On Monday we had a hot cross bun with Nutella and had some of my Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter egg and a Creme Egg.

After breakfast I got a card from my Grandad with a £10 note inside.

After dinner we went to Grandma’s house for tea and she had hidden eight chocolate Easter Bunny’s for me and Georgia to find I found 5 and Georgia found 3 plus the special ones which were Maltesers Teasers Easter Bunny’s.

Then Grandma gave us our presents and I got a Chameleon T-Shirt and 10 Marzipan bunnies.

After that we had tea which was Shepherd’s Pie and veg and for dessert we had a creme brûlée.