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My Terrific Tenth Birthday

After I’d opened my presents , we went to Milton Keynes and I went on a Helter-Skelter, which was quite high.

Me opening my presents

Helter Skelter

It was really fun. Then we went to YO Sushi for dinner, I really enjoyed grabbing food from the conveyor belts.

YO Sushi

After that, we went to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden. I had a quiz to do and there were chocolate doors into the Solo gallery, where you can find out about his childhood.

Wonka chocolate doors

In the story centre, I made my own movie with figurines. In the Upper Babbling room, which is a craft room, I made a snail in a jar. Afterwards we did the village and countryside trails, the countryside trail through the woods and through a field was amazing, there were grasshoppers everywhere. It was very relaxing!


The woods were the ones that inspired Fantastic Mr Fox, The Minpins and Danny the Champion of the World. Along the high street were some old-fashioned pumps that inspired Danny the champion of the World The library inspired Matilda and the crown house Sophie’s “norphanage”. We also went and looked at Roald Dahl’s grave.

When we had finished the trails we went to the Black Horse for tea, I had a delumptiosly, scrumdiddlyumptious pheasant and mushroom pie.😋

Back home, I was shown my scrumdiddlyumptious IRN BRU cake🎂, it was the best cake🍰 I’d ever had!!

Thanks for all your presents, I loved them all! Hope to see you all again soon.

My Amazing Laser Quest Adventure

In the holidays we went to Laser Quest at the Trafford Centre and we had to pick a name, I chose Darth Vader. We had Laser Guns and  we wore packs which looked like vests they had targets on them. We got 10 points for zapping ⚡️ someone, if someone shot you, you would lose points.

Me zapping people

Me zapping people

We were split into two teams. We were on the red team and had to shoot the blue team. There were ramps and hiding places everywhere. The red team (us) won with 8576 points. The game was half an hour long and we had to walk round in the dark shooting the blues whilst trying not to get shot ourselves.

After that I did some rock climbing, the wall kept moving and slanting so it was like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it was hard to keep up but I climbed 2.9 metres high.

rock climbing

rock climbing

Then we played Laser Quest again and I was on the red team again. We had to shoot a target before we could zap someone. Red won again with 9978 points.

I would love to go again, it was so much fun.