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Amazing Advent Calendars

On December 1st I got an enormous surprise because guess what, I had two advent calendars waiting for me, one was a Maltesers one and the other a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.

The LEGO Star Wars one had cool gifts in for example a white Wookiee, my favourite, Luke Skywalker, ships and loads more really cool stuff. I really enjoyed opening them, it was even better than my lego one last year.

My lego star wars advent calendar


My 9th Birthday

First I had chocolate porridge, which had chocolate buttons in it.

my chocolate porridge

my chocolate porridge

Then I opened my cards and presents, some of my favourite presents were:

  • Latice, a board game
  • Diary with pencil, keys and a padlock
  • A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me unwrapping my bike

    Me on my bike

Cake time, the cake was delicious it was a sticky sherbet lemon cake.

Me blowing out my candles

My birthday cake

Then we went out and watched the new BFG at a cinema, which was even better than the first one! When we were at the cinema one of the staff told me I could choose some sweets from the pick’n’mix section because it was my birthday.

Me choosing pick’n’mix

I also got some BFG ears from the film.

Me with BFG ears

When the film had finished we went to Solita(4) in Preston and we had for starters: cheeseburger spring rolls, deep fried pickles, mac’n’cheese balls and deep fried avocados.



Solita neon wall

Solita neon wall

Solita cow

Solita cow

For a main course I had a soft shell crab burger and sweet potato chips.

My soft shell crab burger

My soft shell crab burger

When we got home Grandma came and I got some more presents my favourite one was magic tricks.

My Magnificent Easter 2016

On Thursday I decorated some eggs by colouring them in to make them Easter Eggs.

The Easter Eggs I made

The Easter Eggs I made


Good Friday

Parkers Arms

On Good Friday we went out to the Parkers Arms for dinner it was delicious! 🙂 ☺

When we got there we got some special treats, which were:

  • Smoked cod roe with sourdough
  • Potato skins
  • Fish croquettes
  • Lancashire cheese croquettes

After that we ordered drinks and I had apple juice, for my starter I had fish goujons with wild garlic sauce and salad.

Afterwards we had our main course, I had a fish potpie, which included cod, haddock, shrimp, scallop and wild garlic (which we went out looking for after dinner),  with seaweed, peas and mash.

My Pot Pie

My Pot Pie

Then we had dessert which was chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers.

Chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers

Chocolate egg custard pot with biscuit soldiers

Afterwards we were given a chocolate easter egg each and some salted caramel chocolate and orange filled chocolate.

When we finished we went for a walk near the river and collected lots of wild garlic and I tried to climb up some trees. It was very difficult!

Me climbing a tree

Me climbing a tree

Easter Sunday

For breakfast on Sunday we had Hot Cross Buns.

After dinner we had  Cadbury’s Egg’n’spoon and Smarties Mini Eggs.

Cadbury's egg'n'spoon

Cadbury’s egg’n’spoon

After dinner we gave each other our gifts and I got :

  • A milk chocolate Star Wars Easter Egg and a Star Wars Gift Tin
  • A milk chocolate Star Wars Easter Egg and a Star Wars Bubbly Bar
  • A Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter Egg and a Creme Egg
  • A Cadbury’s milk chocolate Decorate your own Easter Egg
  • 3 Books, Awful Auntie, Tom Gates Is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things) and The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book
  • Bubble Wand
  •  A Minecraft Jumper
  • A LEG0 T-Shirt

     This a picture of all my Books& Eggs

    This a picture of all my Books& Eggs

These are my new clothes

These are my new clothes

Then we watched 2 episodes of Easter Simpsons and Ice Age The Great Egg Scapade.

For tea we had roast lamb with roast potatoes, carrots, asparagus, green beans and mint sauce. After tea we had a slice of homemade strawberry and Mini Egg cheesecake. Mmmm! 🙂

This is our homemade strawberry and mini egg cheesecake

This is our homemade strawberry and mini egg cheesecake

Easter Monday

On Monday we had a hot cross bun with Nutella and had some of my Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter egg and a Creme Egg.

After breakfast I got a card from my Grandad with a £10 note inside.

After dinner we went to Grandma’s house for tea and she had hidden eight chocolate Easter Bunny’s for me and Georgia to find I found 5 and Georgia found 3 plus the special ones which were Maltesers Teasers Easter Bunny’s.

Then Grandma gave us our presents and I got a Chameleon T-Shirt and 10 Marzipan bunnies.

After that we had tea which was Shepherd’s Pie and veg and for dessert we had a creme brûlée.

My Best Christmas Yet 2015

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Parkers Arms in Bowland near Clitheroe.

Parkers Arms' Christmas Tree

Parkers Arms’ Christmas Tree

I had a vanilla milkshake, some Venison for a starter and a beef pot pie for a main course which was delicious. For dessert we had a mince pie ice cream.

Pot pie

Pot pie

Ice cream donut

Ice cream donut

On the way back home we stopped at Auntie Joan and Uncle David’s house to give them their card.

When we got home we had some mince pie cookies which we made earlier and watched The Snowman.

Me in my new christmas top

Me in my new christmas top

My new christmas pyjamas

My new christmas pyjamas

Christmas Day

When I woke up on Christmas Day I was very exited! I couldn’t wait to open my presents from Santa and I got a:

  •  Grenadier Guard Trinket Box (to make)
  • Glove Puppet (to make)
  • Woodpecker on a pole
  • Dinosaur Egg
  • Flying Dinosaur
  • Chocolate Lolly of The Snowman
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Orange
  • Monopoly Deal
  • LEG0 Minifigures (x2)
  • Naughts (O) and Crosses (X)


My stocking contents

My stocking contents

From Mummy and Daddy I got :

  • Star Wars Purple Lightsaber
  • Batman LEG0
  • Ghost Buddy Zero to Hero (a book)
  • LEG0 Annual
  • LEG0 Minifigures (x2)
  • Grandpa’s Great Escape (a book)
  • Bugs in the kitchen
  • Minion Night Light Jigsaw
  • Minion Filmstrip Jigsaw
  • 2 Star Wars LEG0 Sticker books and A-Wing Fighter model

and lots of other stuff.

Me with my lightsaber

Me with my lightsaber

Then Grandad came and I got a

  • Minion Big Ben Jigsaw
  • Labyrinth
  • Clothes

Then off Auntie Lisa I got Light Stax which is basically lots of building blocks on a special base that make it light up.

Grandma’s House

After that we went to Grandma’s house for a Christmas Dinner, before we went I brought my Light Stax to make. Then I opened my presents and I got :

  • LEG0 T-Shirt
  • R2-D2 Bath Set
  • Aeroplanes

and from my great Grandad I got a LEG0 Technic set and from Auntie Tracey I got an amazeballs maze ball!

When I figured out how to do the maze it was time for…Christmas Dinner …first we had two starters and they were a camembert parcel with cranberry sauce and the other one was smoked salmon with salad.

Then we had our main course which was roast potatoes, parsnip, carrots, turkey, cranberry sauce, sprouts and stuffing and gravy.

Last of all we had Christmas pudding which was delicious and one of my favourite bits of the whole meal!

Last Week Of December

My favourite present altogether was probably the Maze Ball, because I was playing with it for a long time every day. I enjoyed playing with everything it kept me busy all the time! I spent quite a long time reading my new books and my favourite is Tom Gates Excellent Excuses.

Georgia’s Birthday

Georgias Birthday at home

At home I sang happy birthday to you  to Georgia and we had some cream and strawberry cake that was Delicious!!

Georgia’s YUMMY – YUMMY – YUMMY Strawberry and cream cake

me singing Happy Birthday to Georgia

Then we gave her some presents.

I gave her:

  • an owl calender
  • some space facts about the sun
  • a card

After I gave Georgia her presents Mummy and Daddy gave her a heap of pressents.

Then Grandma came and gave Georgia some more presents.

Georgia’s Birthday at Splendid Kitchen

Then we went to Splendid Kitchen and I had some pulled pork and Georgia had fried chicken.

my pulled pork

We also had some Beetroot slaw and I had a blondie with oreo ice cream and whipped cream and Georgia had a sundae.

Beetroot slaw

This is my Blondie

This is my Blondie

Grandma’s Birthday And Auntie Lisa’s Baby

First of all Auntie Lisa’s and Uncle Ryan’s baby was born, it was a girl called Scarlett. She is now my cousin. I feel happy about it and would love to meet her!




Afterwards when Grandma came for dinner we gave her pressents they were a lizard, radio and a blossom tree that I made out of tissue paper.

Blossom tree

Blossom tree

We also gave her cards. We had bread sticks, hummus and mushroom pate. The mushroom pate was my favourite. Also we had Fennal seed and sausage pizza, hummus and courgete pizza.

hummus, courgette and tomato

hummus, courgette and tomato pizza

And blue cheese pizza. We also had halloumi. Also we had butternutsquash Birthday cake which I loved.

This is Grandma's cake

This is Grandma’s cake






My 8th Birthday

First I opened my cards and had blueberry pancakes with sprinkles and maple syrup which was delicious. It also had a candle on in the shape of an eight.


After that I opened my pressents from my parents I got:

  • Minecraft and a beginers handbook
  • Make your own MINION cupcakes with yellow icing and edible MINION decorations
  • MINION colour alive
  • MINION Top Trumps
  • London BrainBox
  • MINION 54 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle
  • pirate keyring
  • pirate LEG0
  • clothes
  • Batman bag
  • books
  • badge
  • shoes
  •  pirate watch


IMG_7335 IMG_7352

Then I had pasties for dinner and some lemon cake with lemon curd in the middle and foam bananas and yellow smiley face toffees on top.


Then one of my Grandads came and give me ten pounds and some shoes.

Afterwards we went to a cineama in the great nothern in Manchester to watch  MINIONS.

Then we went out for tea at an Italian restraunt and had pizza.


Then my other Grandad came and give me a new scooter and ramp to drive up on my scooter.