My Crackery Christmas Day 2016

When I woke up in the morning I felt a tinge of excitement! It was Christmas Day and I had a stocking full of presents, with an extra one next to it. I opened the big one first and it was a Star Wars bin, my other presents were: a Star Wars light-up light saber, pirate badges, rubbers, a game where you have to put facial hair on a man using a magnetic stylus and loads of other cool stuff.

For breakfast we had a special christmas porridge, it was delicious!

Then, I got my presents off mummy and daddy, my favourite things were: a potato clock, books, a 3 in 1 set of Lego, a card game called Boggle Slam, where you have to change a word one letter at a time until you run out of cards.

my new pyjamas


one of my books

After that, we had our traditional Christmas dinner (smoked salmon and watercress salad, which had orange in)

Afterwards, we went to grandma’s house for tea. My Auntie Lisa, Uncle Ryan and cousin Scarlett were already there. I got some more really good stuff like a Star Wars movie projector and star wars battle ships. I’m really bad at it.

Finally, we had Christmas tea, which was roast turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, parsnips and stuffing. I really liked it!😋

christmas tea-table

roast turkey

 For dessert we had christmas pudding and christmas cake. It was delectable.

christmas pudding

This christmas was absolutely brilliant!

Many thanks for everything you got me. I love everything.

3 comments on “My Crackery Christmas Day 2016” so far

  1. Grandad

    Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas Day Dillon.
    You certainly look exited in the photo with your cool pyjamas.All your presents seem great fun and I know I’d have loved your smoked salmon with watercress dinner,sounds yummy.
    The Christmas pudding on fire looks great.
    I’m pleased you liked all the

  2. lydia

    Hi Dillon I cant believe you have left school,it feels really different without you! I just thought you where having an extra week off school ! How is your new school? are you enjoying it ? Have you made any new friends yet ?are the teachers nice ? who is your teacher ? what school is it again ? How do you fit 100 people in a class ? do you have an email address so we can facetime each other

    from Lydia

    1. Dillon Post author

      My school is good and really big and I like it. Yes I have made some friends, the teachers are nice (mine’s called Mrs Storier) and my school is spread over 3 floors. Instead of interactive whiteboards they’ve got interactive TV’s instead. What’s going on in school?


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