Magnificent Minecraft

Not long ago, I started playing Minecraft again and got really into it. Every chance I get, I’m designing new things on paper, which I want to build on Minecraft like mazes and places where you kill different animals and monsters (mobs) to get experience points which you can use to upgrade armour, tools and weapons. You can also make machines using redstone dust (electricity based substance) and repeaters and comparators which can act like circuits in a computer chip.

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Minecraft also boosts imagination and lots of other useful skills. This makes Minecraft a fun tool to help you learn important skills.

These pictures are things that I’ve built on Minecraft and are useful mechanisms to help life on Minecraft easier. The 1st picture above is for a stone generator and the second a machine to block lava.

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  1. Grandad

    Hi Dillon.I’m glad you’re still working away on Minecraft.Your two designs look very interesting and even better that they help things to be easier in the game.xx


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