At Auntie Lisa’s And Uncle Ryan’s House

First of all me, Georgia,  Mummy and Daddy got in the car and Daddy drove us to Ellington, before we got there we had dinner. We had burritos, an apple and a Scooby Doo biscuit. Afterwards we set off again for Ellington to see Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ryan and to meet my new cousin Scarlett .  When we got there we had a go at holding Scarlett! Scarlett was tiny and slept nearly all day.

Me holding Scarlett

Me holding Scarlett

We gave Scarlett some pressents a T-Shirt, and a doll called Tess.                                                        I made a card for Scarlett myself.


Scarlett’s doll Tess


After that we went down their back garden through a gate and through a path beside a fence and through a entrance/exit in the fence leading to a park. Then we played on the play equitment.

This is me at the park

This is me at the park

We played football with real goals then soon afterwards we had to go and have tea which was curry and rice with pittas and hummus and rhubarb (from their own garden) crumble. After tea we had to leave because it was Scarletts’ bathtime, so we went to a Premier Inn for the night.

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  1. Mummy

    Auntie Lisa & Uncle Ryan’s house is really nice, I’d love to have a park just outside like them!
    Scarlett is very lovely and she made you be quiet all day 🙂

  2. Grandma

    Wow, that sounds like a very busy day Dillon. Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ryan’s house is very nice isn’t it? I like visiting them and I’m sure when Scarlett is a little older she will like having a park at the bottom of her garden. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you there and reading about what you did. The doll you bought her is very nice, I bet Scarlett will really like that and I know Auntie Lisa does, she always liked dolls. Did you see Scarlett s bedroom? It is a lovely room for a baby.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your day there.
    See you soon, love Grandma. Xx

  3. Auntie Lisa

    Glad you had a nice time Dillon. We loved having you visit! It was lovely to see you all and for you to meet Scarlett. We love the card you made- thank you for that. I am going to put it in Scarlett’s special box to show her when she is older. We love the t-shirt and Tess the doll too! When Grandma and Joe came to stay they were trying to walk on the black wheel thing at the park (the one in your photo!) They kept falling off! Xxx

  4. Grandad

    Fancy Scarlett making you quiet Dillon.Love the rag doll you brought her for a present,i’m sure she loves it in her crib.I bet you would like to grow rhubarb because i know you would enjoy eating it .
    Looks like you had some fun in Scarlett’s little park,she is lucky to have one so close.


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