Guess Where I Found An Amazing Neon Ceiling?

First of all we drove to a restaurant called Solita in Prestwich. Our starters were cheeseburger spring rolls, olives, halloumi bites, bacon wrapped cheesy dough balls and bacon popcorn.

Cheese Burger Spring Rolls

I had half a rack of BBQ ribs that were house smoked, with classic BBQ sauce and BBQ beans and Georgia had a grilled salmon steak with salad.

Me and my Ribs

Daddy had a fish burger and Mummy had some sea bass. Mine and georgia ‘s pudding was a Ice cream Donut and Mummy and Daddy had a Rum Baba.

Donut Sandwich

I loved the food and the ceiling is covered with neon lights. Outside there is LEG0 in the wall making the building look like it is made out of LEG0 and I felt it to check it was made of LEG0.

the neon ceiling

Super Burger Man

The LEG0 wall

Me checking if it is a LEG0 wall

5 comments on “Guess Where I Found An Amazing Neon Ceiling?” so far

  1. Auntie Lisa

    Those starters sound gorgeous- your blog always makes me feel hungry! I still haven’t been to Solita and I really want to go. The neon lights and Lego wall look very cool. Glad you had a nice time xxx

  2. Grandma

    I think all of the food sounds lovely Dillon, I don’t know which I would choose if I was eating there as it all sounds yummy. I like the photos of the ceiling and the lego wall, you go to some lovely places to eat.


  3. Grandad

    What a lucky boy you are Dillon going to all those lovely restaurants.
    All the food looked delicious and you obviously loved the ribs looking at your beaming smile.
    Solita looks an amazing place to eat with the Lego wall,neon ceiling and graffiti walls.
    I’ve driven past many times but never been in,now I know what it looks like inside and how good the food is.xxxx


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