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Fred’s Box / Ooshies

A Ooshie is squishy figurine that can also serve as pencil topper. Ooshie’s can be wrestlers, DC Superheroes and so much more! Some Ooshie’s glow in the dark. I got the wrestlers:

Randy Orton (glow in the dark),  Jey Osu,  Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. These are all of the other wrestlers.

other Ooshies

Ooshie’s feel nice in your hands and are a bit sticky at first. If you want Ooshie’s but don’t want the same one more than once, visit Fred’s Box. I love Ooshie’s and would recommend them to everyone!!! 10/10 stars.



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  1. Grandad

    I’ve never heard of Ooshies before Dillon, but they look cool and seem a great thing for you to collect.
    It could take you a while to collect all of the wrestlers, but you’ll have fun doing it.
    Hope you’re doing ok at school, hope to see you soon.xxxx


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