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Scratch – Boat Race

This is my latest Scratch project, Boat Race, This ay be my favourite and my last of Code Club to find out more about Scratch click here.

Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move if the boat has a black line in use the mouse but if it has a purple line use the keyboard.
There are 4 levels can you battle your way through the boat race.
Get to the yellow desert and go over the white arrows to speed up and avoid the wood which will send you back to the start and the green which will slow you down!

Thanks for playing!

Sorry about the music no  music in the files!

Scratch – Paint Box

This is my latest project, Paint Box.

Here is my coding screen for this project:

This is my coding screen.

This is my coding screen.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you can use to change colour and clear:

g = green
b = blue
r = red
y = yellow
l = black
e = eraser
c = clear

Have  a go what can you draw?