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How to make Mothers Day Flowers

This is how I made some flowers and a vase:

What you will need:

  • 1 toilet roll tube
  • Wrapping paper
  • 8 cupcake cases
  • 4 long (8 short) pipe cleaners
  • Felt tips
  • Hole punch
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors



  1. Decorate the cupcake cases.
  2. Cover the toilet roll in wrapping paper and sellotape in place.
  3. Hole punch the cupcake cases in the middle.
  4. Fold the pipe cleaners in half to make 2 stems out of each.
  5. Put the pipe cleaners through the holes and fold the end then sellotape it in place.
  6. Twist the the pipe cleaners together.
  7. Insert into vase.

I made these for my Grandma for Mothers Day. I hope she likes them! 🙂

My Mothers Day flowers that I made.

My Mothers Day flowers that I made.