Christmas At Sky High Adventure

Have you read about my last experience at Sky High Adventure?

If you haven’t click here. On my latest blog from Sky High Adventure I had a invite to go again and meet Santa and do one of the activities again either the High Ropes or the Clip’n’ Climb. I chose Clip’n’ Climb since it was my absolute favourite thing in the whole place. I was allowed to take a friend with me, so we asked Ashton to come and he said yes. When we got there we saw a huge Christmas tree.


Clip ‘n’ Climb

When I went in to the Clip’n’Climb area I went on the different walls that I didn’t manage to complete with school one of them was really difficult with ropes hanging down to pull yourself up. We had races on some double sided ones. I got to do the Drop slide, The Leap of Faith and a stair thing where you stand on tower things and go higher and higher.

Leap Of Faith


Spaghetti Junction in background racing on inflated balloon tubes

Dome Chimney

racing on balloon tubes

Green Stairway

Santa’s Grotto And Something Else

Santa’s Grotto

Then I got to meet Santa and have a long talk with him about what we wanted for Christmas and we got a present. To find out what our presents are please visit this blog again after Boxing Day!!!


Our presents were Blok-it sets similar to LEG0.

The present

The present

Me, Ashton and Santa

Talking to Santa

In the place where a narrow green path leads up to Santa’s Grotto what is it in?

Bacon, sprouts, houses, woods, forests, land, turkey, wood (as in the material)?

NO NO NO and triple NO and quadruple NO!

It’s a WINTER WONDERLAND with Christmas Trees and Fake Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter Wonderland

On the way home we stopped off at a pub for our tea and me and Ashton had a mini beef burger, but I had cheese on it. We also had beans and ketchup.

I loved it and would love to go to some other parties there perhaps they will have a Easter party and have a egg hunt. WHO KNOWS

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  1. Grandad

    How good is that, getting a free visit to the Sky High Adventure.
    You look like you had a brilliant time with the added bonus of seeing Santa.
    I don’t know if I could do the leap of faith,it looked quite scary.
    Well done for doing it.x

  2. Auntie Lisa

    You are so brave! Looks like you both had a lovely time. It’s exciting that you got invited to go back because of your blog! Xxx


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