Sky High Adventure

On Friday 16th October 2015 I went to Sky High Adventure at Droylsden near Manchester.

Sky High Adventure

When I got there I was terribly exited to start doing things that I was trembling all over!



Similar to a climbing wall I climbed up and did things the instructer shouted. (e.g. “Take your right foot and left hand off. Put your right hand on a green hold” or “Rub your nose with your right hand!)”. Then I jumped off the wall onto a colosall black mattress thing.



Clip’n’climb is fun for all climbers to have a brilliant time, with harnesses I was safe, but made sure I had clipped onto my harnesses correctly, so I was ready to climb.




Soft Play

The Soft Play course has lots of obstacles, slides, things to climb,a zipwire and loads of other things to do there is even a football pitch with two nets and a basketball goal with a ball.

Activity choices are:

  • Spiral Slide
  • Rotating Puzzle
  • Baby Balance
  • Spider’s Web
  • Balance Beams
  • The 2 Lane Slide
  • Sports Pitch

    Soft Play

    I did all of the things in it.


In the heights of Sky High I wasn’t afraid, because I pretended to fly as I defeated the thrilling obstacle course in the air. BUT I DID NOT LOOK DOWN!!!! From Ropes to tunnels and lots of other obstacles I battled my way through the High Rope course.

You are sure to have fun participating in the Wonderful things at Sky High Adventure like I did! To find out more click here.

My favourite thing was the Clip’n’climb, because it’s challenging and they are all different levels for climbers any age. Just make sure when you go on the Soft Play you don’t walk into the Toddlers Area that has a ball pool!

High Ropes and Clip’n’climb

5 comments on “Sky High Adventure” so far

  1. Grandad

    Wow!!! What an amazing day you must have had Dillon at Sky High Adventure.
    You must have loved the exiting activities.
    I’m glad the instructors made sure you were safely harnessed as some of the activities looked very high.
    Well done as I’m sure some of the challenges wouldn’t have been easy to do.xxxx

  2. Auntie Lisa

    I’m only just catching up on your blog and hadn’t seen this post either. Wow Sky High Adventure looks amazing! I want to go but I bet I’m too big and Scarlett is too small! Xxx


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