Southport And Rivington Pike

Southport and Rivington Pike


First me Grandad and Georgia drove to Southport Pleasure Land and I went on two rides which were called the Log Flume and the Wild Cat. The Wild Cat is a Roller Coaster. 

In the pleasure land I found a hexagon of strange mirrors.

Hexagon Of Mirrors'

Hexagon Of Mirrors

Then we had a walk along the pier and went back to Granddads house.

Rivington Pike

The next day we went for a picnic at the pigeon tower very close to the Pike. We had some tuna sandwiches, ham and tomato sandwiches, Doritos, an apple and some Maltesers. Then we went back to the car.

Rivington view

Rivington view

Pigeon Tower

Pigeon Tower

Rivington view

Rivington view


I enjoyed my visits to Southport and the Pike.

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  1. Grandad

    That’s an amazing picture of you standing still at the mirror as it was the only time all day you weren’t running around.

    Rivington was a fun day,we were lucky it was nice weather.It was a shame we couldn’t eat our sandwiches at the top of the pike because the midgets wanted them too.

  2. Mummy

    I used to go to Southport with your other Grandad when I was little, we used to go on the beach and it was usually FREEZING! 🙂

  3. Auntie Lisa

    Aww this is lovely. Glad you had a nice day out with grandad. I miss going to the pike. I haven’t been since we went with you xxx


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