Sherlock Maize Maze? The Wistow Maze

In the holidays, we went to the Wistow Maize┬áMaze, which was shaped like Sherlock Holmes’ head with three miles of pathways.

Wistow maze

maize field

I really enjoyed it and we had to work out who buried treasure under the paths out of six suspects. We worked it out by drawing an item that the criminal was wearing off boards. I got them all down on my sheet using a maze pen.

maze pen

I also got the overall answer right.


After we finished the maze we did some other mazes, which were fun. The shape of the maze changes every year. These are some of the other years mazes:

rocket maze

HMS Belfast maze

Sherlock Holmes maze

BFG maze

I wonder what it will be next year?

I would love to go back next year.

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  1. Grandad

    What a great idea to cut the maize into different,interesting mazes.They look amazing from the aerial views,I wonder how they cut the paths so accurately.
    You look small in comparison with the high maize,it’s no wonder you had such a lovely time finding the clues and working out the answers.Well

  2. Grandma

    Hi Dillon,

    The maze looks amazing, I would love to go there. I enjoyed looking at your photos too, the maze patterns are very interesting, I wonder how they choose them?

    Love Grandma xxx

    1. Dillon Post author

      I think they choose them by what’s special that year. This year was the 150th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes.


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