Star Wars Identities the Exhibition the O2

We went to London for STAR WARS IDENTITIES THE EXHIBITION at the O2 in London.

The O2

We had to wear a wristband and a headset. The wristband was so we could find out which Star Wars hero we related to the most; I was an Ewok and I chose to fight for the light side. Georgia was also an Ewok fighting as a bounty hunter for the light side. The headset was so we could listen to facts about Star Wars and some extracts. I really enjoyed the exhibition and looking at different designs of things and people from the past. There were also some models that had been used in the films and some costumes worn by the actors. There were also really cool pictures outside.

Cool pictures


Afterwards, we went for delicious bagels from Beigel Bake. It had on pickles and salt beef with mustard.

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  1. Grandad

    Looks like an interesting exhibition.
    I think I would fight for the light side if given the choice like you.
    Your Beigel looks

  2. Mandy Roe

    Hi Dillon,
    That looks like an exciting day, I like all the photos. I’ve not seen any of the Star Wars films, maybe I should after seeing your photos.

    Love Grandma. Xxx


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