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My Grand Trip to Germany Part 1

In the summer holidays, I went on a fantastic holiday to Germany 🇩🇪 here are the highlights:

Day 1

When we arrived in Germany, rented a car and went to a lake beach.


We relaxed for a bit, then we went to a park called britzer garten. I got into a load of water sprays and got soaked, then we had a wiener (Pronounced v-ee-n-ur.) A wiener is a hot dog.



When we got in the car  we were all looking forward to having a schnitzel.

After the park, we went to Felix Austria, a place for delicious schnitzels. Then we went to our apartment with our bellies full up of schnitzels.


Day 2

The next day, we went to a Peacock Island ( Pfaueninsel) and we had to get on a boat to get to the island.

sign to peacock island


On the island, we had a picnic and went into a white castle.

white castle

The island’s peacocks were beautiful and shy.


peacock and me

peacock and me

When we went back to main land we went to the apartment for a bit and then went to The Bird for burgers. They were delicious. Afterwards, we went to BrewDog for a few drinks.

Day 3

We went to Mount Mitte, which was a really high climbing thing, and I really enjoyed it!

After that we went to a fast food restaurant to have currywurst (pronounced curry-vurst) – a sausage covered in curry sauce  – YUM.

Next we went to Stone Brewing to go on a brewery tour.



The restaurant was really fancy with fans and trees everywhere. One table was even carved into a tree. The food was really nice.

Day 4

We went to the wall museum on the fourth day and learnt about the German division.

wall museum

Later onwards, we went to Mogg & Melzer a jewish restaurant and had some delicious sandwiches.

Afterwards, we went up the Berlin TV Tower and got some amazing panoramic views of Berlin.

lift shaft

Then, we went to see part of the wall that was left up. For tea we went to a street food festival and had currywurst.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back soon with the next few days in Germany.

Book Review – “Mum…” by Morty Sey and Scott Chegg

This is a good book because it’s funny. It rhymes for effect and has brilliant pictures.

This is the front cover

This is the front cover

The alarm doesn’t go off, so Mum is late, loads of disasters happen like: “Why aren’t you dressed yet?”, “She hasn’t got time to do her make-up!”, “She’s got nothing to wear and she can’t do a thing with her hair!” When they’re nearly ready to go, she has to change a nappy! Half way down the road she realises she had no phone and no purse, she can’t find a parking space! It’s no longer a school run but a race!!!

The book follows Mum as she tries to get ready for the school run, with a surprise twist at the end.

This is my favourite picture in the book  – My Mum NEVER looks like this 😉 :

This is my favourite picture in the book

This is my favourite picture in the book

Even though i’m a bit too old for this book now I still enjoyed it and I would recommend this book for EYFS and year 1 and 2.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5.