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My 9th Birthday

First I had chocolate porridge, which had chocolate buttons in it.

my chocolate porridge

my chocolate porridge

Then I opened my cards and presents, some of my favourite presents were:

  • Latice, a board game
  • Diary with pencil, keys and a padlock
  • A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me unwrapping my bike

    Me on my bike

Cake time, the cake was delicious it was a sticky sherbet lemon cake.

Me blowing out my candles

My birthday cake

Then we went out and watched the new BFG at a cinema, which was even better than the first one! When we were at the cinema one of the staff told me I could choose some sweets from the pick’n’mix section because it was my birthday.

Me choosing pick’n’mix

I also got some BFG ears from the film.

Me with BFG ears

When the film had finished we went to Solita(4) in Preston and we had for starters: cheeseburger spring rolls, deep fried pickles, mac’n’cheese balls and deep fried avocados.



Solita neon wall

Solita neon wall

Solita cow

Solita cow

For a main course I had a soft shell crab burger and sweet potato chips.

My soft shell crab burger

My soft shell crab burger

When we got home Grandma came and I got some more presents my favourite one was magic tricks.

My Brilliant Half Term


Rivington Pike

On Monday we went to Rivington Pike up to the top and I only had one rest on the whole journey which was at the top of the Pike, so I was exhausted by the time I got to the top! The view was the best I’d ever seen it I could see so far out!

This is the view from the pike.

This is the view from the pike.

We were going back down the Pike, but  we went a different way I’d never been before. At last we were at the bottom of the Pike and then we went and had a drink in the Great Hall Barn and I had a hot chocolate. Mmmm! 🙂


Grandad Comes

On Tuesday Grandad came to babysit and bought us each a Galaxy Chocolate Flurry that was delicious. After tea we played a game of Bugs In The Kitchen and two games of Monopoly Deal.


On Wednesday we watched ” Honey, I Shrunk The Kid”, which was really good I’m really looking forward to watching the next one “Honey, I Blew Up The Kids “.


 Spending WHSmith £20 Gift Card

On Friday we went to WHSmith in Manchester to spend our £20 Gift Cards from Uncle Bob Auntie Lauren and Brandon. First we went to Debenhams for Georgia to spend her £25 voucher and I looked at a lot of things that I really liked there were so many of them!

Then we went to WHSmith and I bought three books for the price of two which were The Person Controller, Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of), Tom Gates Genius Ideas (mostly) and a Brainbox The World.


Afterwards we went to BrewDog and I started reading Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of) and had a apple fritz which was delicious.

Yard And Coop

After that we went out for tea at Yard and Coop and we had buttermilk fried chicken, sweet potato chips and normal chips and sauce for mains, I had a Mama Mia sauce which is just an Italian pasta sauce which was really nice.

My buttermilk fried chicken, sauce and sweet potato chips

My buttermilk fried chicken, sauce and sweet potato chips

Our sides were Not chicken which is Halloumi in breadcrumbs, slaw and amazeballs which are corn balls.

The amazeballs and slaw

The amazeballs and slaw

For dessert we had two brownies which were amazing.

The brownie

The brownie

I really enjoyed the whole of my half term and would love to do everything again! The buttermilk fried chicken was delicious and so were all the sides, Friday was probably the best day of the whole week and Yard and Coop was probably the best thing!!!

My Best Christmas Yet 2015

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Parkers Arms in Bowland near Clitheroe.

Parkers Arms' Christmas Tree

Parkers Arms’ Christmas Tree

I had a vanilla milkshake, some Venison for a starter and a beef pot pie for a main course which was delicious. For dessert we had a mince pie ice cream.

Pot pie

Pot pie

Ice cream donut

Ice cream donut

On the way back home we stopped at Auntie Joan and Uncle David’s house to give them their card.

When we got home we had some mince pie cookies which we made earlier and watched The Snowman.

Me in my new christmas top

Me in my new christmas top

My new christmas pyjamas

My new christmas pyjamas

Christmas Day

When I woke up on Christmas Day I was very exited! I couldn’t wait to open my presents from Santa and I got a:

  •  Grenadier Guard Trinket Box (to make)
  • Glove Puppet (to make)
  • Woodpecker on a pole
  • Dinosaur Egg
  • Flying Dinosaur
  • Chocolate Lolly of The Snowman
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Orange
  • Monopoly Deal
  • LEG0 Minifigures (x2)
  • Naughts (O) and Crosses (X)


My stocking contents

My stocking contents

From Mummy and Daddy I got :

  • Star Wars Purple Lightsaber
  • Batman LEG0
  • Ghost Buddy Zero to Hero (a book)
  • LEG0 Annual
  • LEG0 Minifigures (x2)
  • Grandpa’s Great Escape (a book)
  • Bugs in the kitchen
  • Minion Night Light Jigsaw
  • Minion Filmstrip Jigsaw
  • 2 Star Wars LEG0 Sticker books and A-Wing Fighter model

and lots of other stuff.

Me with my lightsaber

Me with my lightsaber

Then Grandad came and I got a

  • Minion Big Ben Jigsaw
  • Labyrinth
  • Clothes

Then off Auntie Lisa I got Light Stax which is basically lots of building blocks on a special base that make it light up.

Grandma’s House

After that we went to Grandma’s house for a Christmas Dinner, before we went I brought my Light Stax to make. Then I opened my presents and I got :

  • LEG0 T-Shirt
  • R2-D2 Bath Set
  • Aeroplanes

and from my great Grandad I got a LEG0 Technic set and from Auntie Tracey I got an amazeballs maze ball!

When I figured out how to do the maze it was time for…Christmas Dinner …first we had two starters and they were a camembert parcel with cranberry sauce and the other one was smoked salmon with salad.

Then we had our main course which was roast potatoes, parsnip, carrots, turkey, cranberry sauce, sprouts and stuffing and gravy.

Last of all we had Christmas pudding which was delicious and one of my favourite bits of the whole meal!

Last Week Of December

My favourite present altogether was probably the Maze Ball, because I was playing with it for a long time every day. I enjoyed playing with everything it kept me busy all the time! I spent quite a long time reading my new books and my favourite is Tom Gates Excellent Excuses.

Christmas At Sky High Adventure

Have you read about my last experience at Sky High Adventure?

If you haven’t click here. On my latest blog from Sky High Adventure I had a invite to go again and meet Santa and do one of the activities again either the High Ropes or the Clip’n’ Climb. I chose Clip’n’ Climb since it was my absolute favourite thing in the whole place. I was allowed to take a friend with me, so we asked Ashton to come and he said yes. When we got there we saw a huge Christmas tree.


Clip ‘n’ Climb

When I went in to the Clip’n’Climb area I went on the different walls that I didn’t manage to complete with school one of them was really difficult with ropes hanging down to pull yourself up. We had races on some double sided ones. I got to do the Drop slide, The Leap of Faith and a stair thing where you stand on tower things and go higher and higher.

Leap Of Faith


Spaghetti Junction in background racing on inflated balloon tubes

Dome Chimney

racing on balloon tubes

Green Stairway

Santa’s Grotto And Something Else

Santa’s Grotto

Then I got to meet Santa and have a long talk with him about what we wanted for Christmas and we got a present. To find out what our presents are please visit this blog again after Boxing Day!!!


Our presents were Blok-it sets similar to LEG0.

The present

The present

Me, Ashton and Santa

Talking to Santa

In the place where a narrow green path leads up to Santa’s Grotto what is it in?

Bacon, sprouts, houses, woods, forests, land, turkey, wood (as in the material)?

NO NO NO and triple NO and quadruple NO!

It’s a WINTER WONDERLAND with Christmas Trees and Fake Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter Wonderland

On the way home we stopped off at a pub for our tea and me and Ashton had a mini beef burger, but I had cheese on it. We also had beans and ketchup.

I loved it and would love to go to some other parties there perhaps they will have a Easter party and have a egg hunt. WHO KNOWS

BFG Pantomime With School

On Friday 4th December I went to the Octagon theatre to watch The BFG from the book by Roald Dahl.

Octagon sign

Octagon sign

The BFG (standing for Big Friendly Giant) had huge, orange hair as dark as an orange.

The BFG and Sophie

The BFG and Sophie

Showing dreams to Sophie

Showing dreams to Sophie

Making a dream to take to the queen

Making a dream to take to the queen

The Bloodbottler, the Fleshlumpeater and the meatdripper all gruesome giants eating little children (little chiddlers) snatching them from there beds like peas in a poddle in the witching hour.

Showing Sophie the other giants

Showing Sophie the other giants

My favourite part of the whole pantomime was when they were in Buckingham palace contacting the BFG from the lawn with a gigoontic (gigantic) iPhone. Here are some pictures of a leaflet I took home.

BFG Leaflet

BFG Leaflet

BFG Leaflet

BFG Leaflet

I loved he pantomime so much I laughed my head off.

Southport And Rivington Pike

Southport and Rivington Pike


First me Grandad and Georgia drove to Southport Pleasure Land and I went on two rides which were called the Log Flume and the Wild Cat. The Wild Cat is a Roller Coaster. 

In the pleasure land I found a hexagon of strange mirrors.

Hexagon Of Mirrors'

Hexagon Of Mirrors

Then we had a walk along the pier and went back to Granddads house.

Rivington Pike

The next day we went for a picnic at the pigeon tower very close to the Pike. We had some tuna sandwiches, ham and tomato sandwiches, Doritos, an apple and some Maltesers. Then we went back to the car.

Rivington view

Rivington view

Pigeon Tower

Pigeon Tower

Rivington view

Rivington view


I enjoyed my visits to Southport and the Pike.

Guess Where I Found An Amazing Neon Ceiling?

First of all we drove to a restaurant called Solita in Prestwich. Our starters were cheeseburger spring rolls, olives, halloumi bites, bacon wrapped cheesy dough balls and bacon popcorn.

Cheese Burger Spring Rolls

I had half a rack of BBQ ribs that were house smoked, with classic BBQ sauce and BBQ beans and Georgia had a grilled salmon steak with salad.

Me and my Ribs

Daddy had a fish burger and Mummy had some sea bass. Mine and georgia ‘s pudding was a Ice cream Donut and Mummy and Daddy had a Rum Baba.

Donut Sandwich

I loved the food and the ceiling is covered with neon lights. Outside there is LEG0 in the wall making the building look like it is made out of LEG0 and I felt it to check it was made of LEG0.

the neon ceiling

Super Burger Man

The LEG0 wall

Me checking if it is a LEG0 wall

My Fantastic, Amazing Holiday In Italy 2015 (Day 5 – Day 8)

Click here to see what happened before this.

Day 5

Malcesine and Lake Garda

First we went to Malcesine and stopped for a picnic dinner on the side of Lake Garda. When we had had our dinner we went for a cable car ride up a huge mountain called: Monte Baldo right to the top.

This is the cable car

When we got to the top of the mountain we started exploring and found a cable car used in 1962.

The playground

Then we went to some hills on the mountain and found a playground. After that we went to the top of another hill on the mountain and looked down at Lake Garda from 1,800 metres above sea level.

This is the view of Lake Garda.

This is a view on Monte Baldo

Lake Garda

Afterward we went down the mountain again in the cable cars. When we got to the station at the bottom of the mountain we drove to a place like a beach and Lake Garda was like the sea and we had a swim in the lake.

This is a picture of the Lake

Me swimming in the Lake

Then we went back to the apartment and got a takeaway pizza for tea.

Day 6

Gardaland Resort and La Pampa


First we went to Gardaland Resort, which is a theme park.

This is me driving a train! Whoooooooooooooooooo Whoooooooooooooooooo

Did you know that Gardaland is the biggest theme park in Italy!?!?!?!?!?

The first thing we went on was called: Fuga Da Atlantide, which is a Log Flume. Sadly we didn’t really get wet at all except at the end when water guns soaked us!

Then we went on the Jungle Rapids and then the Mammut a Roller Coaster.


Also I went on the Flying Island, which is like a space ship that goes up and up really high, and you can see lots of lovely views of Gardaland and Lake Garda which is next to Gardaland.

The flying island

The flying island view

Then there was the Space Vertigo where you go up a tall tower in the shape of a mushroom and some pulleys that pull you up drop you when you are at the top and you go down the tower to where you started off. I went on that ride twice.

This is the view from the flying island

After that I went on the Magic Mountain, which is a Roller Coaster and the Colorado Boat another Log Flume and a Peter Pan ride in a ship going round, and round in a circle. After that I went on a Merry-go-round called: Giostra Cavalli and I went on a horse that went up and down all the time.

La Pampa

After Gardaland Resort we went to a restaurant called: La Pampa, which is a famous meat restaurant, so we had some delicious Steak, Chicken, Sausages & Ribs. The sausages were my favourite.

Steak, Chicken, sasages and ribs

Day 7

Gardaland Sealife Aquarium

We went to Gardaland Sealife Aquarium and I touched a real starfish and saw lots of amazing fish.

A starfish in a tank

Me at sealife

We also saw lots of other sea animals like sharks, crabs, the great Japenese spider crab, Clownfish and lots of other fish you can imagine.

Two japanese spider crabs

Then at night we went to a restaurant called: Alle Vigne and I had a Scallop gratin.

My scallop gratin

Day 8

Padua and Venice (Venezia) Airport

On the last day we packed our bags and stopped for a last pizza made in Italy in Padua  called Pinsa and we had a a wander around Padua on the way to the airport.

Me next to a waterf


I loved Italy and would love to go back.



My Fantastic, Amazing Holiday In Italy 2015 (Day 1 – Day 4)

Day 1

First we got up at 5:00 in the morning and packed our suitcases and got a taxi to Manchester Airport to catch the plane to Venice (Venezia) Airport by Monarch Airline.

Getting on the plane at Manchester Airport

When we got to Venice we went to a pizza (pizzeria) restaurant and had dinner I had spaghetti with mussels and clams.

Then we went to Negrar to go to our Mario Apartment and unpacked our bags and I went out on to the balcony. Afterwards we went out for tea at Pizzeria Florida and had pizza for tea.

My pizza at Pizzeria Florida

My pizza at Pizzeria Florida

Day 2


First we had a walk in the vineyards (vigneti) near our apartment. Then later in the day we went to Molina to go to Parco Delle Cascate which is a waterfall place on a mountain, so we had to walk down the mountain for fifteen minutes up and down hill. Parco Delle Cascate has a swing that goes into the waterfall and a zipwire going over a bridge and I got stuck next to the bridge on the zippppppppppppppppwire woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!

This is the swing

Me climbing a climbing stone

Me climbing a climbing stone

This is one of the water f a l l s

This is one of the water f

After about one hour and a half we had to go back to the car.

Day 3


On day 3 we went to Verona to go to a  Roman Ampitheartre that is now used for Opera.

Part of the Ampitheartre

Part of the Ampitheartre

Then I had a pear sorbet. Before our ice cream we went to Juliet’s Balcony and to Romeo’s house and then to a castle called: Castel San Pietro.

This is the view from the TALL-TALL-TALL castle

This is the view from the TALL-TALL-TALL castle

Then we went  back to the apartment, but stopped at a café to have toasties and pancakes (crepes).

My cherry pancakes (crepes)

My cherry pancakes (crepes)

Day 4

Venice (Venezia)

The next day we caught a train from Verona Porta Nuova to Venice (Venezia) and walked from Cannaregio to S. Marco and went to a restaurant for dinner. (There are 6 main islands. They are called Cannaregio, San Marco, San Polo, Castello, Santa Croce and Dorsodura.)

A Basilica (cathelic church)

Venice salute

Me and Georgia got new hats. After that we went to Dorsoduro and went to a Catholic church and took photos of interesting things.

Venice Salute

Venice Salute

Then we went to a bar and I had some Fanta and normal orange juice. We also had our tea which was Cicchetti and some apple pie ice cream and a mixed berries ice cream. Then we went to the station and caught the train back to Verona Porta Nuova.

Click here to see what happened next.

Manchester United Museum And Tour At Old Trafford

Firstly we went to the Manchester United stadium in Old Trafford to go on a tour around the stadium and see the museum.

Outside stadium

Outside stadium

3of the biggest and best players statue

3 of the biggest and best players statue


We went out to the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand (North Stand) which has 25,000 seats and listened to a tour guide. There are actually 70,000 seats in all of the stands together.

Me at the seats

Me at the seats

After that we went down to the players tunnel, but we didn’t walk down on to the pitch! Then we went to the changing room and took some photos of me and player shirts.

Me and the Tactics board

Me and the tactics board

Rooney's shirt and me.

Rooney’s shirt and me.

Some of the shirts

Some of the shirts

Afterwards we listened to the tour guide telling us about the Press Room. It was where the journalist would sit and talk about the game they played afterwards.

Then we went to the directors lounge where the Directors would have some food and drink. After that we went to the Directors Box  and had a look around and then went to the old players tunnel used in 1910 – 1993.

Manchester United Logo

Manchester United Logo

Next we went to the Megastore and I got a Manchester United Museum & Tour Certificate.

My certificate

My certificate


Firstly we went  to the Trophy Room and what I saw nearly blew my head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trophy room

Trophy room

U21 Trophy

U21 Trophy

Secondly we went in to the Exhibition Room which had lots of Guess The Youth Player’s inside it where the answer is under the flap.

Next up was the Clothes Room with lots of Manchester United Tops.

Afterwards we went in the Muinch Tunnel where the memorials of the players who died in a aeroplane crash on 6th February 1958 in Germany are.

The red ones died!!!!!!!!!!

The red ones died!!!!!!!!!!

The newspaper the next day

The newspaper the next day

Who died

Who died?

I simply loved the tour so much I want to go there again and learn lots of different things! Though I don’t want to go and watch a match there because the seats are terribly uncomfortable. I could go there every day there isn’t a match because it is so much fun!!!!!! It would be crrammed full of people!